TED spjöll sem vert er að skoða


How Craft Beer is Disrupting Traditions | Sebastien Morvan | TEDxBrussels

TEDxPennQuarter 2011 Sam Calagione Reinventing Beer

What’s Brewing: The Business of Craft Beer | Bill Davis | TEDxGreenvilleSalon

Economics + Microbreweries | Adam Williams | TEDxPSUErie

Why I Became A Brewer | Erik Hystad | TEDxHelena

Growing Up: A Business | Sam Calagione | TEDxWilmingtonSalon

Brewing — love and talent | Peter Bouckaert | TEDxCSU

Culture of beer: John Barley at TEDxNaperville

TEDxSanAntonio – Scott Metzger – Crafting Better Businesses – Insights from the Beer Industry

Beer is cuisine: Augie Carton at TEDxNavesink

How beer drinking changed my life… | Chuck Noll | TEDxEvansChurchill

Zen & The Art of Craft Beer: Chad Henderson at TEDxCharlotte

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