Beer Anniversary Festival – 1st of March


1st of March, the micro brewery Bruggsmiðjan, vill host an anniversary beer festival, celibrating 30 years of beer in Iceland. For 74 years, or from 1915 – 1st of March 1989, Icelanders could not enjoy a ice cold beer.

From 1st of March, 1989 until 2006, the beer market was controlled by two big beer manufacturers who produced more or less lagers, it wasn´t until 2006 when the microbrewery Bruggsmiðjan opened its doors and offered hand crafted high quality beers.

Bruggsmiðjan has continued to grow from there and has already expanded its facilities 6 times (or so I´ve counted), built beer baths and is opening very soon, accommodation for travelers to stay for a day or two.

Since Bruggsmiðjan opened, we´ve seen a surge in new craft breweries, especially since the tourism here in Iceland has grown very fast for the past 10 years or so. We have now about 20 breweries all around Iceland and number of gypsy breweries. It is safe to say that, with the arrival of Bruggsmiðjan, they managed to break into the market, change the rules (literally) and pave the way for others to set up shop.

Now, back to the festival on 1st of March. There will be 14 Icelandic breweries (this number could go up) and 2 breweries from Czech Republic. Those who want to attend the festival can only buy tickets through the Bruggsmiðjan, or call +354 466-2505. The tickt price is 5,900 krónur or just about €44/$50.

There will be bus tours from Akureyri and Dalvík as per the schedule bellow;

Bus plan from culture center Hof Akureyri.
The bus leaves from Hof at 15:30 and 17:00.
From Bruggsmiðjan 21:30 and 22:30.

Bus plan from Víkurröst.
The bus leaves from Víkurröst at 16:30,
From Bruggsmiðjunni at 22:00.

Those who want to stay at a hotel, you can contact the hotels in the list bellow. Some hotels offer discount if you use the  code „Kaldi 2019“.

Ytri vík. tel +354 894-2967 /
Lamb – Inn. tel +354 463-1500 /
Hótel Norðurland. tel +354 462-2600 /
Hótel KEA. tel +354 460-2000 /
Hótel Dalvík. tel +354 466-3395 /
Vegamót. tel +354 865-8391 /
Iceland Air Hotel. tel +354 518-1000 /

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